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Selfhelp is aligned with self-mastery and user involvement, but above all it emphasises the fact that all people possess inner resources that can be activated or regained.

The self-help effort represents initiatives that are aimed at strengthening the ability and opportunity of individuals to take part in their own process of change. It is not intended to be an offer in lieu of required treatments, but as a supplement or combined effort towards the broader population.

Self-help is a factor in understanding public health and health in general. For many, self-help represents a well-suited alternative, but arenas providing for self-help activities have been scarce. Equally important is changing professional’s attitude towards self help, its effect and broad range of use including different diagnosis or life problems that causes mental distress. Methods used, for whom, how to organize and anchor activity are important prerequisites for professionals to understand when exploiting the self-help opportunity within their servicees.

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