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Self-Help Norway is a National resource center for Self-help.

In 2004 The Norwegian Directorate of Health launched the “National Plan for Self-help” as part of the Escalation Plan for Mental Health (1999-2008). The plan has evolved through a long and complex process, which started with the work done by Norwegian Self-Help Forum (NSF), helped by various external contributors. Among the initiatives is the establishment of a resource center for self-help, Self-Help Norway, which is run by Norwegian Self-Help Forum (NSF).

The aim of the plan is to make self-help available to more people and to promote systematic method development and knowledge about self-help. The vision is for all people in Norway to have knowledge of self-help so it can be put to use when life problems occur.

Self-Help Norway, The National resource center

The National resource center is tied to a body/institution based on experienced knowledge from the self-help field (NSF). Self-Help Norway intend and work to ensure:

Norway is an elongated country with a lot of small villages and cities. In the period of 2010-2012 we established seven regional offices. This makes it more efficient to distribute knowledge and information, to arrange courses and seminars and meet people where they live. Self-Help Norway has 13 employees.

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