Booklet: Self help - an introduction

Sist oppdatert: 15 november 2019.

Self-help understanding is an acknowledgement that all human beings have innate resources within themselves that can be activated, recaptured and mobilised when life problems arise.

Working with self-help means making use of our own resources and strengths in order to master those problems. Painful and unpleasant experiences we may encounter represent important knowledge about our own lives and our own everyday existence. The self-help process enables individuals to be active in bringing about their own process of change. In this way, self-help can be a resource for everyone — a resource that is based on the knowledge we already possess, knowledge that we easily ignore. Self-help is about accepting our own feelings and experiences, valuing them and making use of them through our own processes of change.

Self-help is not just a way of thinking and acting for people in difficult life situations. The way we think and work is important, regardless of our role and position in life. Self help is about how we fill and use the “spaces” between us, whether we are professionals (helpers), politicians, involved in a voluntary organisation — or simply human beings using the mental health services. Self help is for all people.

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